Thursday, June 28, 2012

Babies and billi lights

Today the babies are both on billirubin lights to help improve jaundice. This is a common practice in preemies. Sometimes blue lights are used, but in our case they are white.

Maisie is doing well and scheduled to be off the ventilator soon. She met her Grandma Kathy today.
Grandma sees Maisie for the first time

Maisie sunbathing in the billi lights

James' echocardiogram showed his heart is in full working order! The doctors were shocked (we weren't too surprised - it is James). Though still operating with the fetal system associated with pulmonary hypertension or PPHN, this will hopefully resolve in a few weeks. He has a minor PDA that they are watching also (an artery that should close within a couple weeks of birth between the heart and lungs). James met his Grandpa Jim today.

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