Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holding Maisie

The NICU at Swedish is an amazing place. The people are so calm and friendly, and they have private rooms where you can have up to four visitors at any given time. It's a stark comparison to PSL, which runs a much tighter ship (with much closer quarters).

Maisie and James were assigned a twin room and although James has been transferred, they are holding her here so when he returns they can be together. This was very important for us. We have a couch, two reclining chairs, and a lot of room to spread out. Maisie is in an isolette, which is much like being on her own private island. It is very warm and humid to recreate the womb environment as much as possible.

Today we got to hold Maisie for the first time. Our amazing nurse, UK Deb was an angel and bundled her up wires and all so we could have this opportunity. She was still on the ventilator but on 21% oxygen, which is room air. They tell us she will probably go to the CPAP very soon.

Maisie looked like a full term baby and not a 1lb11oz micropreemie with the bundle of blankets all around her. Still, we will never forget these first 10 minutes that we were able to hold our daughter. The nurses commented that we looked tired, and we definitely felt it; but there was nothing we could do but keep forging ahead.

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