Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meeting James

First of all, he is so handsome. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm his mother, but I really do think James is amazing. Secondly, he reminds me of my Dad. To me, that's not a huge surprise because he's a fighter too who has overcome many odds. James is named for three very important people in our lives, all of whom are extremely brave and strong.

James is off the billi lights and so we were able to get a better view of his face. When he was born, his hair looked darker. Now his hair looks more reddish - he is definitely taking after me right now. Things can change so quickly in a matter of days with these babies. James now has an IV in his head (ouch!) but the nurses insist it doesn't hurt. Let me put an IV in your forehead and we'll see how that feels....

It's hard not to compare your two kids going through the NICU - they both have different challenges. We are so proud of James and everything he has overcome. It will definitely be a long road, but we have each other.

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