Friday, July 20, 2012

A big Thank You!

Earlier this week, a fundraiser potluck/luncheon was held to raise money for our family at Jimmy's office. Several hundred dollars were donated, along with offers to help with baby items and other necessities. We were shocked when we heard of the results - truth be told, we just weren't expecting it.

At my job, many people banded together and donated sick hours as I had been zeroed out for several months. The company matched my wage and provided me enough hours for a whole paycheck - which is helping cover our health insurance premiums and costs for the little dragons.

We could not be more humbled by the sheer kindess and support of our co-workers, especially during the last several months. We are overwhelmed by their generosity and are eternally grateful for everything that has been contributed on our behalf.

Both of our employers have been so overwhelmingly flexible, allowing us the freedom to take care of our family given the extenuating circumstances we were faced with. The fact that we are both still employed after all of this amazes both Jimmy and I. We both have worked for companies in the past that would have terminated us in a heartbeat without a second thought. The fact that we work with great people who would do even more than ensure flexibility just astounds us.

We are so thankful, every day, even when we can't be at work. We are thankful that our work is allowing us to spend time with our kids.

Thank you, Xcel Energy & Harvard Square / Leisure Care

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