Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A step in the right direction

James has been dealing with a collapsed right lung. But, as we've learned in NICU world, this isn't a huge deal. They've been trying to get it reinflated but have not had total success. So, today when I heard of the new strategy I have to say I was a bit surprised.

Apparently James' PIE (Pulmonary Intersistial Emphysema) has improved thanks to the jet ventilator. His chest tube was removed today, as the pneumo incident from Friday was officially over. He's been at 25-30% oxygen lately, and it was determined that today was the day to move to the conventional ventilator.

This is a graduation of sorts for James who failed all other forms of ventilation that first night. We did not expect this so soon, but we are thrilled! Hopefully he is ready for this change and doesn't have to move back to the jet - but with PIE, PPHN, and a PDA under wraps we are happy with all of James' progress.

He has been on the conventional vent all day and has been doing great. They've actually been able to wean his settings a bit, and he seems to be taking the change well. Now, if only that right lung can pop back open! If all goes well we may be able to hold James in the next week.
The conventional vent takes over for the jet

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