Friday, July 6, 2012

And we all fall down

5:44am: "Hi, this is Dr. __ (insert name here, I can't remember). We believe James has a spontaneous bowel perforation and needs to have surgery. The surgeon and surgical team are on their way in now..."

6:49am: "Erin, this is Dr. K, the surgeon. Here is the plan for operating on James... do we have your consent? Let me get a second verification from the nurse, since this is a verbal."

7:19am: "Hi Erin, this is Dr. K. The incision went well, and James is doing fine. Here is the plan and what to expect.... If or when he is more stable we will likely need to have a more extensive surgery."

What a difference a day makes in the wonderful world of the NICU. They say you take one step forward and two steps back, but it feels like ten. James is back on blood pressure medication and antibiotics, and his blood pressure is in the gutter. He has an incision in his abdomen and a drain that's seeping out peritoneal and biliary fluid, but they don't believe it's any worse than a spontaneous bowel perforation. He has a higher risk of this because he is a PPROM baby.

We hope it doesn't get any worse.

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