Wednesday, July 25, 2012

GGP, meet James

Yesterday Great Grandpa (GGP) came down to PSL along with an uncle, aunt, and a great aunt to meet James. Many of our family members have not met James, who has been more fragile. Now that he has been feeling better, we thought it would be a great time to get some face time with GGP.

When you're Great like GGP, we try to roll out the red carpet. We get the little dragons to have their eyes open and be social, we get a great nurse on board for the day (nurse L), and we even arrange a quick introduction with Surgeon Dr K who did 3/4 operations on the kids. (Actually, I'd like to take credit for this stuff but it was all a huge coincidence.)

We are lucky to have a GGP in the fam and as these dragons are the 1st grand kids for GGP that makes the whole thing extra special.

**On a side note, James is back on the vent. He gave the CPAP a great shot but it was determined he needed to focus more on growing rather than expounding energy and calories trying to breathe on his own. He did a great 8+ hours off the vent, a great practice run. Here's to working on bulking up to catch up with sister Maisie!

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