Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hands on & Kangaroo Care

Maisie is now on the CPAP machine, meaning that she is breathing on her own but getting some extra support in the way of extra airflow into her nose and lungs. We can now hear her cry - which is just heartbreaking! The CPAP itself is pretty obnoxious but it means we are more able to hold her now, at least once per day. Seeing as how it will be a while until we can hold James we are soaking this up.
Jimmy with his bundled baby dragon Maisie - she looks so big!
Jimmy weighing Maisie without the CPAP on
When we were told about an opportunity to do what is called Kangaroo Care, we were thrilled. We just didn't think it would be possible and to be honest, we had no expectations at this age. The nurse was all for it and I became the first guinea pig (or Kangaroo?). The concept is that the baby can feel your heartbeat and is warmed by your body temperature through skin to skin contact. She can feel you and is comforted by familiar sounds and scents that she has missed since birth. During this time, we talked to Maisie and told her all about the happenings of the day. She sneezed on me several times and it was the strangest feeling. Her tiny fingernails scratched at my chest and she tried to sprawl out as much as possible. I couldn't keep her as warm as she needed, though, and when it came time to take a temperature in the armpit poor Maisie cried up a storm (a video/audio clip is below). Jimmy was able to "Kangaroo" the next time and kept her much warmer than I did.

Erin starting Kangaroo Care - before the blankets covered her up

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  1. Hi Erin And Jimmy.. a long time I don`t hear from you, I did not know that Erin was pregnant, congrats for you all!!!

    I saw some Kangaroo Care in the hospital that my mommy works, its beautiful and she says that helps a lot the baby. Keep going, I am sure that everything is going to be ok soon and all family will be together all the time!

    Big hug to all!!!