Monday, July 30, 2012

Kilo Kiddos!

I can't believe how big these little dragons have gotten. When we arrived today and did Kangaroo Care, it seemed like they had grown overnight. They are both filling out more and now weigh over 1000 grams or a kilo, This is big news in the NICU world.

Below is a photo of Maisie with Daddy and if you recall the first time we Kangaroo'd at just over a week old, her little arms were just bigger than the size of my middle finger. When we see them every day we forget how far they've come. Don't get me wrong, we like the current "watching grass grow" mode more than the first couple weeks of hectic chaos. It is just amazing how quickly time flies (and babies grow) when you look back.

These little dragons are seeming less like micro-preemies and more like very small newborns. They'll be 32 weeks or 5 weeks old tomorrow!

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