Thursday, July 5, 2012

Progress and Test Reports

James is weighing in at 1lb10oz, almost birth weight. He is finally off all blood pressure medications which is great news for his pulmonary hypertension (PPHN). We'll keep our fingers crossed it stays that way. He is also done with the course of antibiotics that was started after birth, and no infection was present in any of our labs from that day. James started trophic feeds with breast milk today; apparently he has been so stable the doctor decided to go ahead. He had a chest x-ray today to evaluate his lungs, which indicate that his PPHN is better but he is dealing now with something called PIE (Pulmonary Intersistial Emphysema). The treatment is to continue on the jet vent, nitric oxide, and monitor as he grows and heals his lungs. James had a head ultrasound on Tuesday and it was determined that he had a grade 2 and grade 3 bilateral IVH (or brain bleed). They do not think he's still bleeding at this point; it's pretty common in preemies, it may resolve and they will watch it.

Earlier this week Maisie had an echocardiogram and they saw a moderate PDA, which should be closing. They decided to give her a round of indocin to see if that helps to close it. She also had to stop her trophic breastmilk feeds and she is not very happy about it. The nurses say they can hear her screaming and crying inside her "box" all the way at the nurse's station. The nurses believe that the medicine indeed helped close the PDA and a follow-up echo determined that the PDA was now small. Maisie's head ultrasound looked good. She is finally above her birth weight, weighing in at 1lb12oz.

Lots of tests, but lots of progress! Let's keep it this way, kids!

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