Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I love stats- don't you?

Prior to the little dragons' arrival on 6/26/12:

Number of days since Baby James' water broke at 12 weeks: 104
Likelihood that the pregnancy would be a success: no data to compare. No doctor had ever seen or heard of our situation happening so early or with the circumstances.
Number of months approved by Erin's employer as potential FMLA time: 6 months
Number of days gluten free pancakes were consumed for breakfast by Erin & Mom: approximately 45
Number of weeks on bed rest: 10
Ultrasounds conducted: 17
Number of ultrasounds with no measurable fluid for Baby James: 13
Erin's average daily liquid consumption: nearly 2 gallons (to help replenish amniotic fluid). That's 182 gallons of water, and 689 refills of the bright green Nalgene bottle.

Following the little dragon's arrival on 6/26:

AirLife Neonatal Transports from Swedish to PSL: 2
Number of nurses working at PSL's NICU: nearly 80
Number of surgeries between and 7/6 and 7/13: 4
Number of planned surgeries between 7/6 and 7/13: 0
Amount billed to insurance for the little dragon's first few days: over $110,000+
Number of text messages we've received: 1487
Times we've held Maisie: 9 or 10
Times we've held James: 0

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