Saturday, July 28, 2012

The two pound club

We are proud to announce that both of our little dragons are finally over two pounds! James (who technically hit this milestone first due to edema but is back with actual weight) is weighing in at 2lb1.5oz, and Maisie is at 2lb3oz. We are on the up & up. A bit of trivia: we are the biggest babies in our section of the NICU finally- but not by much- and we are a lot older.

Yesterday was a tough day for the babies and an even tougher day for Mommy. They both had their first shots and eye exams. On the eye exam, although their eyes are still immature the babies aren't showing signs of ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity), an eye disorder that occurs due to increased oxygen requirements. It's likely that one or both of the dragons will have some level of ROP before this whole journey is over. Luckily there are treatments and preventative measures to take if need be. The shots were painful for both babies and mommy, but thankfully they were over quickly. Even when babies are premature they have to get their immunizations on schedule, even if there is so little muscle or tissue to take the actual shot. Ouch!

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