Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8 weeks old and off the blacklists

The little dragons had a pretty monumental day. They were both double cupcakes with cherries on top, and we were thankful for that.

Maisie, who has been blacklisted from bottle feeding since her choking incident tried a bottle with nurse E who "loves nippling". She was destined to continue tube feeding until she got bigger and met with the Developmental Therapist to determine the cause of her feeding problems. Nurse E announced that tonight she took 40 ml's - her whole entire dinner plus 8ml's! Our appointment with the DT was cancelled. I was so thrilled by this news I could hardly sleep. We are one step closer to coming home. She is also off the pulse oximeter and does not have a blanket covering her isolette/private island/the honda. They are prepping Maisie for an open crib, which could happen by the weekend. She is 5 grams shy of 3lbs 12 oz, meaning that she currently weighs 2lbs more than at birth.

James, who has been blacklisted from holding due to his dirtball shenanigans last week finally got approved for some kangaroo care by nurse M. But before that could happen, he started two new treatments: Lasix and an inhaled steroid to help remove any fluid and inflammation in his lungs. The Lasix is a diuretic and he definitely needed it- what we thought was weight gain was 4oz of edema. James proved this by soaking his entire diaper and bed in the course of a few hours. Needless to say, he is back to 3lb1oz, but this is pure weight- no edema involved. Both of these treatments will help James' ventilation requirements over the next few days. It was pretty apparent during kangaroo care, as he didn't desat once for over an hour and a half! By tonight, his oxygen was at 26%, the lowest I've seen it ever.

I can see a faint light in the end of the NICU tunnel. We will have some set backs, but I am thrilled at the progress these little dragons have made. Proving people wrong, one day and one doctor/nurse at a time!

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