Thursday, August 16, 2012

Angry Baby / Happy Baby

James is still "clamping down", which they say might be like an asthma attack or maybe he's holding his breath. We have our own theory on what's been happening, but of course the doctors have no idea about our "medical mystery baby". In any case, they've kind of gotten a handle on treating the clamp downs before they get to resuscitation level.

Yesterday Dr R told me that he'd "never seen anything like James", and arranged more tests to try to identify the cause of the clamp downs. When those tests came back normal today Dr R looked frustrated. I asked him if he was, and he laughed - "I'm sure the parents are frustrated that we don't know what's going on," he said. I told Dr R that I wouldn't be surprised if I had a medical mystery baby since I have been quite the medical mystery myself. Dr R responded, "like mother, like son". They still don't have a clue and are quite perplexed by James. They don't know what to do with him but let him grow and keep him calm with Ativan (he can be quite the Angry Baby).

Our theory is that he is not liking his tube and after an accidental extubation and subsequent quick CPAP trial Sunday night, he realized how great it would be without the tube. However, he absolutely hated the CPAP on his face and became Angry Baby, forcing him back on the vent. In the next 12 hours they had to replace his tube three more times due to various reasons, which brings us up to the chaotic Monday episodes. He is 34 weeks now, almost 3 pounds, and is determined to get off the vent but not the patience or the physical endurance quite needed. The Ativan has helped to keep Angry Baby at bay and thus the clamp downs are less frequent.

In Maisie news, she tried bottle feeding and took 2 ml's before falling asleep. She gave it a noble effort but she gets way too comfortable with me. Jimmy will have to try as she is much more alert and awake with him. She weaned down on her oxygen to 1% and is at 3 pounds 6 ounces.

Jimmy has been amazing at catching Maisie smiling and so we've posted a picture below. James should take a clue or two from his sister. They both have very distinct personalities, that's for sure!

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