Friday, August 3, 2012

Family photo time

Today the little dragons were behaving.

All the doctors said so. This doesn't happen very often - apparently there's something at play about a NICU jinx or offending the NICU god/s. Dr Hawkeye even told GGP how well they were doing, said "Jimmy James Dean" (Dr Hawkeye's nickname for our amazing little man) would be a NHRA driver at Bandimere Speedway one day, and then told GGP a joke. The whole team of neonatologists at PSL could not believe that GGP was a Great GP because he looked so good. Things were definitely looking up because the docs were spending time schmoozing and joking rather than learning new things about medicine thanks to the shenanigans of our children.

After visits from several family members, the little dragons got an extra special treat for being on their best behavior: a family photo op and dual kangaroo care time. They did phenomenally, and neither one dropped their stats or had an episode during their hold. Jimmy held James and I held Maisie. When it was time to put them back, Nurse L took her sweet time and made the minutes last as long as possible. We were so thankful for this opportunity to hold both at the same time and enjoy some quiet bonding time with our sweet little ones.

This is the first time we have held both of our babies at the same time. This is the closest they've been outside of the isolettes since they were born. We can't wait to have more moments like this - maybe one day one of us will get to hold both babies. What a concept. For now, we are thrilled to have a family photo with our tiny little dragons, though from afar.

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  1. You have amazing Little Dragons! Love the photo! Congratulations to you both!-Robby