Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fiery Personalities

Today James had a new nurse filling in for a few hours. He was behaving, for the most part, and didn't pull an "Angry Baby" (screaming facial expression, legs kicking, arms flailing, stats dropping, etc). However, as James is still intubated and can't scream and cry due to the ventilation tubes in his throat, he has to resort to other means to show us when he's angry or uncomfortable.

James is very expressive. If you know Jimmy, you know he has great facial expressions and James is just like his Dad. If he doesn't have a furrowed brow, I get worried. He may have wrinkles by age 5; I will definitely have wrinkles by then. When James is "Angry Baby", you know it. If he's uncomfortable, his stats drop like a rock. When his diaper is wet or when he's not getting enough attention, he'll do something to show you - mostly along the lines of making the alarms go off. He is very particular about his position and loves to be curled up, perhaps reminiscent of the very constricted womb he came from.

James loves to have his head stroked and loves when we get hands on time, though it doesn't happen often. He has been exercising his arms and legs by pushing on the boundaries of his cuddly wrap. James is most alert and awake in the morning, and is particular about his nurses and doctors. He definitely prefers some more than others and behaves for them more - or maybe it's the other way around.

Maisie is pretty particular about a couple of things. First, she absolutely hates to get her temperature taken. She will howl and cry until its over unless she is really tired. They say it's comparable to having a baseball bat in your armpit - so obviously it's uncomfortable for the babies. I think for Maisie it's more about having her arm held down for a minute. Her other pet peeve is her oxygen - Maisie is very creative and has devised several tactics to get it out of both nostrils, out of one nostril, or off her face entirely. She's trying to prove she doesn't need it - but it hasn't quite worked out for her.

She absolutely loves to be sprawled out, all limbs wild and crazy. The nurses don't allow this and always contain the babies, but Maisie breaks free. You'll often see an arm or leg outside of the confines of the cuddly wrap. She is a wild one. Lately Maisie has been wearing clothes and loves it. Mostly I believe this is because it means she isn't being swaddled and she's allowed to sprawl out.

Maisie loves bath time and is tuckered out by the end of it. She's a night owl and likes to be up in the afternoon and evening. She also loves to eat and is turning into a chunky little preemie. Maisie loves to sleep when I hold her and absolutely adores staring at Daddy.

These little dragons have a bit of temper and can be little hellions when they want to be. But I guess that's what's worked in keeping these doctors and nurses in check. So I'll allow it for now - we just might be in trouble later though.

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