Friday, August 10, 2012

Growing up fast

It's official: Maisie has hit the 3 pound club. She weighed in at an impressive 1400 grams or 3 lb 1.38 ounces. She is fast on her way to an open crib, which we've been told typically happens at 1500 or 1600 grams. If she continues trending the same in the weight gain department she could hit this mark by next week.

James, who has a few more challenges in weight gain, has started to make some progress. He weighed in tonight at 1190 grams or 2 lb 9.27 oz. Because of his iliostomy surgery he is having some trouble digesting the higher calorie fortifier and so the doctors have been fiddling around with different concoctions of breastmilk, fortifier, and TPN (IV nutrition). The TPN also provides the extra electrolytes James needs to manage his metabolic syndrome, which they now believe has been complicated or caused by the iliostomy surgery. So, to make a long and complicated story short we are excited that they are figuring something out to help James grow. The more he grows, the more lung tissue he will create and the quicker he will progress with his pulmonary function.

Our current goal is to have both little dragons gain as much weight as possible as quickly as possible without compromising their existing health. We are so proud of their progress so far.

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