Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moving on up

Maisie is now in the Graduate Nursery (aka the level 2 NICU). She's still at PSL, just on a different floor from James. She's been ready for this move for a while, but they've been kind enough to keep the little dragons together for our sake until an overflow of new admits forced Maisie upstairs yesterday.

I don't know how to feel about it. First, we have a good view of the mountains but we are crammed in a tiny room with several other larger babies. There are only two nurses taking care of seven babies. In a way, I'm happy Maisie has hit this milestone but I'm nervous about how this might impact our schedules and cares. So far it hasn't - but she may start bottle feeding soon and that will change everything.

James has been behaving without his sister and has been steadily gaining weight. He's nearly a pound over birth weight as of last night! Let's hope this trend continues so he can grow new lung tissue and get on to the CPAP.

In other news, I opened our weekly mail packet from Premera Blue Cross that contains our Explanation of Benefits statements. I was shocked to see the paper that disclosed Maisie's bill for two weeks at Swedish, not including the birth. I've attached a picture for your viewing pleasure. Notice the amount we are responsible for, as well as the amounts billed to insurance by Swedish for two weeks of care.

Thank goodness for insurance. I am SO unbelievably thankful for my employer, who kept my job during my extended leave of absence and provides this insurance. If there is anything our insurance doesn't cover during the NICU stay, Medicaid will automatically pay because of the little dragons' low birth weight. We are definitely feeling very fortunate right now.

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  1. That is enough to give someone a heart attack!! SO thankful for good insurance!!