Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh my, how they've grown!

Sometimes these little dragons just bulk up right before your eyes, and you know that they are getting bigger. It's even harder to remember where they came from and exactly how small they were nearly 8 weeks ago. James's new neighbor babies are micro-preemie twins and seeing them brought me back to the days when our babies were under 800 grams.

James is now 3lb1oz! His weight gain is really taking off after the shenanigans earlier this week. Our little "dirtball" also got his first bath. I'd like to say I got a picture but it took three of us (Jimmy, nurse J, and myself) to wash him and hold down his extremities. Like any little boy he is very helpful but still wants to get dirty. Let's just say when you stool out of a stoma on your belly, things can get messy. Luckily with all three of us we managed to keep things mostly under control and get James to a squeaky clean state of being. In fact, he was so clean that his stoma bag came off three times last night, resulting in a huge mess for the nurses. I think this kid just likes to cause trouble!

Maisie has been working on bottle feeding and currently weighs in at 3lb9oz. Of course Jimmy is a natural and together they did 10 ml's - one third of her dinner! Maisie and I are still working on our technique. Let's just say that a super hungry baby and novice mommy = choking and baby CPR. Why not get both babies on the resuscitation bandwagon while we're in the NICU? Luckily Maisie is just fine, but we will have to find some preemie flow nipples to get her in a better spot for future feedings.

In other news, we have nearly 5,000 page views for this blog! Thank you everyone who keeps up with the little dragons and their progress, and who wishes them well. We have readers in 13 countries, many of whom we have never met and have found us by word of mouth. Thank you for being a part of our journey. ~ Erin, Jimmy, Maisie, and James

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