Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Problems / Progress

James has typically been our medical mystery boy. He's had a whole textbook full of experiences in his 36 weeks gestational age, and at times we feel like he has checklist to try everything in the neonatal world.

Maisie has had her own challenges, and we got a taste a month ago when she reacted to the hepatitis b vaccine. However, it was kind of brushed off and when it came time for her second month vaccines Sunday night, I warned the nurses about the first incident and we went ahead with several shots critical to these babies. Maisie is extremely hypersensitive to vaccines and though we can't pinpoint which one is causing the problem, we can definitely say we are thankful she is in the NICU. The nurses have kept a close eye on her and have had to bag and perform CPR on Maisie due to extreme apneas and bradycardias over the past 48 hours. I shudder to think what would have happened if she were at home.

Maisie is feeling a little better and we are working on formulating a plan for her four month vaccines, which she will be home for. The whole situation has made us feel very vulnerable since Maisie is so close to coming home. She is starting up bottle feeds again today and was so disappointed that we couldn't feed her - the nurse wanted to tube feed rather than force the issue.

James, on the other hand, has been an absolute cupcake. Aside from a random dirtball incident on Sunday, he has been pretty stable and not doing much of anything but having good days and nights. He is loving his new room and is finally gaining some ground on the ventilator. Dr Irish K wants to try to jump the vent tomorrow (maybe if I avoid the big "E" word, he won't hear me). James has also been gaining weight and is currently 3lbs8.5oz. Things are looking up for our little man. All the nurses think he is so stinking cute the way he makes eyes at them - we definitely have trouble on our hands!

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