Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Months Old

Today the little dragons are two months old. They have a lot to celebrate: gaining weight, healing, overcoming insurmountable obstacles, and helping to change the way some doctors think and manage their patients in the NICU. For being two months old and almost 36 weeks gestationally, I think they have achieved some remarkable accomplishments. We are incredibly proud of Maisie and James and will continue to fight for them every step of the way.

Maisie has been kicking her brother's behind for a long time- literally. At 24 weeks when we finally found out that baby B was a boy, Maisie's foot was right next to his anatomy in most of the scans. It took several minutes to get an image without her foot next to his man parts. Now, she is a whole pound bigger than her little brother! The race is on. We keep telling James that he shouldn't let his sister outweigh him but he's happy doing his own thing.

Maisie: 4lbs2oz
James: 3lbs2oz

In other news, James has his own private room. Normally an Isolation suite, they relocated James to the front corner at the opposite end of the NICU Saturday night. They've been so busy with micro-preemie admits and twins that this spot opened up and it was perfect for him. James loves his new room. It is quiet, in a corner, and he has been on the lowest ventilator settings since moving there. Granted, it's not Swedish - but if it helps James get home faster, we'll take it. He also had a huge compliment from his new doc, Dr Irish K: she said James had an amazing week, that she was so proud of him and that he is doing great!

Maisie has been a bottle feeding queen! She is going up to three a day and hasn't had another choking incident. She often finishes her whole meal plus some, and loves to be sleepy and side lying when taking her bottles. Who knew? Maisie loves to pay attention to everything going on around her, so it takes her a couple minutes to get in the zone and really focus on eating. She's doing awesome and proving several of the nurses wrong. She may be one of the smallest babies in the Graduate Nursery, but Maisie wants to eat like a big girl!

Happy Two Month Birthday little dragons. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

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