Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We're cute but we cause trouble

If the little dragons weren't so darn adorable they might get sent to the orphanage, as GGP might say.

These past few days they've been desat'ing up a storm. Desats are when their blood oxygen saturation calculated by the pulse oximeter goes down below the set levels for each baby. Sometimes the desats come with apneas and bradycardias, but sometimes not. Desats can be a sign of infection brewing, respiratory issues or many other things in NICU land. They send the docs and nurses in a tailspin searching for a cause that may never present itself.

Maisie started out the desat dance over the weekend and was started on antibiotics to be on the safe side. Luckily, she stopped messing around pretty quickly and the doctors decided her desats and bradys were actually a side effect of her shots on Friday. When we visited over the weekend, she was very sleepy in her private island isolette a.k.a. "The Honda". She's feeling much better after much poking and prodding.

James started the desat dance Monday night and was all over the board, going from 100% saturation to as low as 20% and back again all night long. A work up was done and everything came back fine initially, with the exception of his blood gases and electrolytes which were telling conflicting stories. While James's results challenged the medical knowledge of all the Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNP's) and docs in the unit, he was chilling out in his private island isolette a.k.a. "The Cadillac" and having a grand old time watching everyone spend hours fuss over his test results. Today we learned a blood culture was growing some bacteria, so they started antibiotics in addition to the electrolyte-resolving therapies he was already receiving. Today James's desats were improving thanks to the electrolyte treatment. He will continue on antibiotics to clear his infection and we are glad they caught it super early; they will continue to manage James's electrolytes to better ventilate him.

These desats are nothing like our first couple weeks. These kids are just keeping the docs and nurses on their feet - literally. There's no rest for the weary in the PSL NICU, especially with our children.

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