Sunday, August 5, 2012

We do things backwards

Jimmy's been trying to tell me for a long time that planning is overrated. I'm starting to believe him just a little bit more now after this whole crazy pregnancy thing.

The little dragons have been on their best behavior (mostly) so the past few days we've been working on some baby action items. Well, mostly me - Jimmy's been working, making actual dollars and keeping a roof over our heads. I've been working on things that typically happen before your baby/ies arrive, but as this post is titled, we do things backwards. For example:

1. Our water broke in the first trimester.
2. We announced our pregnancy and twins when it was over and they were a month old.
3. Baby items we own: a rattle, teether, dishwasher basket, bottle brush, some onesies, and 4 cute bears.
4. We did our baby registries this weekend, and we picked up cribs.
5. Until 2 weeks ago, we did not own a vehicle in which we could transport two babies in car seats (Jimmy's car cannot fit any, and mine can only fit one rear facing).

Tomorrow I am headed back to work for the first time in nearly four months, thus our "get stuff done" mode. As I've spent my Maternity Leave on bed rest, I need to get back in the swing of things while the little dragons are still in the hospital. Technically they are wards of the state and live in an institution, according to the Social Security Administration. When they come home (September or October hopefully) I'll be able to get them settled and spend the time I need with them.

It's crazy to think that I've spent a whole 1/3 of a year off for these babies, yet they are still in the hospital and will be for a while. I feel guilty leaving them behind for the hours I'll be at work. I know they're in good - no great - hands.

In honor of doing things backwards, here are the little dragons on February 29th, just two weeks before their world was turned upside down. I'll throw in their most recent one too, just to see how far they've come in 5 months.

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