Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A + 3, B + 2

Every day at the 8pm and 9pm cares the most exciting thing is the weigh in. We care a lot about proper nutrition, feeding, and weight gain because this will get us home sooner.

Each baby has their own prescribed diet, and has tried many different variations along the way. Being that they were small to begin with, in the bottom 3rd percentile for twins at their gestational age, they fell off the charts pretty quickly due to surgeries and different food intolerances.

Maisie was well ahead of James with eating. Several weeks back they were working on all sorts of concoctions to help her gain weight, and finally they've accomplished their goal. Maisie is currently on a lower calorie formula and taking 3-4 bottles a day. The rest is gavaged through a feeding tube until she can handle more bottle feedings.

James is still on a half and half mix of food and TPN, or IV nutrition. Because of his ileostomy surgery, he has a difficult time absorbing nutrients and has to get potassium and sodium supplements in addition to the IV. James is currently on a high protein formula with the hopes that he will bulk up quickly. The goal is to get James to around 4lb 8oz before they can do the next surgery. Because of the ventilator, his feeds are all gavaged through the feeding tube.

Last night, we are proud to announce that the little dragons weighed in at:

Maisie: 4lb 11oz
James: 3lb 11oz

Thus the title of our post today: baby A has gained 3 pounds and baby B has gained 2 pounds by 10 weeks old. Way to go little dragons!

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