Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Forty weeks is bittersweet

Today is our final due date, the one we were given at the very beginning before we even knew we were having twins. September 25th. Today is bittersweet in so many ways, but mostly it marks that milestone that I was three months early for.

The babies will be three months old tomorrow. Before I delivered, when we met with the neonatologist at Swedish, they told us to expect to take the babies home around our due date. Maisie has accomplished that without many major issues, but poor baby James is still sitting in the NICU and will be there for several more weeks. If I would have made it closer to my due date, the babies may not have had to struggle as much as they have or deal with so many adversities.

I am so proud of the people they are. They are stronger and more determined than I will ever be. The challenges they have endured and continue to face seem insurmountable, yet they keep going and continue to show love, happiness, and attitude to everyone they meet.

Yesterday James was successfully extubated to the high flow nasal cannula. He skipped CPAP all together and today was weaned down to 3% flow and 23% oxygen. It was so unbelievable to hold him without assistance and without all the ventilation tubes! When James gets to 2% flow, we can begin bottle feeding. Things seemed to be looking up for our little dragon- he was breathing on his own, eating, sucking on his pacifier, and pooping in his diaper!

And then we learned that James has hydrocephalus and that he will need emergency neurosurgery tomorrow to reduce cerebral spinal fluid pressure in his brain. Because of his recent abdominal surgeries, he will have a neurosurgeon place a temporary port to access and drain fluid from the ventricles. In a few weeks, he will have the permanent shunt placed once his abdomen is healed more from the surgeries last week. James will be reintubated due to general anesthesia.

Forty weeks is bittersweet.

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