Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rockin' Room

It's safe to say the little dragons don't really have a nursery. In fact, we didn't want anything to do with pale pinks and blues, pastels, or baby themed stuff. The little dragons won't be babies forever, and for now they will be sharing a room in our current house.

We felt really strongly about incorporating as much about our lives as we could into the decoration of the babies' room. For example:

- two of our guitars are decoration, a blue Ibanez of Jimmy's and my electric guitar, a silver Hohner.
- our theme colors were bright blue (wedding color), lime green (coincidentally the color of the water bottle that helped give James fluid during our pregnancy), black and grey.
- my old lava lamp is here for decoration only.
- we received antique dressers that were once my grandmother's; my mom and Aunt Joanna spent weeks refinishing them to match the cribs.
- there are two beautiful quilts handmade by my Aunt Debbie, each with a unique pattern for the babies featuring guitars and circles.
- Auntie Ca worked on letters for the baby names, with the help of Grandma Margie, Grandpa Doug, and Michelle. They have patterns that match the room theme and colors.
- The cribs are 4-way convertible cribs that our family and friends purchased for us. They will last years and years, and we are so thankful for the generosity of those closest to us.
- The blue jean canister / book ends were given to us at my work shower by my colleague and friend Linda. She did so much to organize that shower and gave us these wonderful bath/care sets, I hated to take them apart. But, my sister organized the room for me while we were with the little dragons. She decided they would make great book ends and be the perfect place for those tiny little baby socks.

There are so many people who came together to make this Rockin' Room possible. You know who you are. We all really appreciate your kindness, time, generosity, workmanship, organizational skills, and thoughtfulness.

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