Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So busy!

Yes, Maisie came home Monday afternoon. Since then, we've been running around like crazy with everything that's been on the schedule. We'll give you a rundown.

Monday 09/17
12:00pm - discharged
12:15pm - visited James
1:30pm - drove home
2:30pm - bottle & diaper
6:00pm - bottle & diaper, change into Bronco outfit
7:00pm - visit from Grandparents Thatcher
7:00pm - wait for Apria Oxygen people
8:00 - "watch" Bronco game aka nap
9:30pm - bottle & diaper, change bronco outfit that was spit up on
11:30pm - No sight of Apria, so I call and ask them to come tomorrow night
Tuesday 09/18
1:30am - bottle & diaper
5:45am - bottle & diaper
6:30am - leave for PSL
7:15am - visit James & Anesthesiologist
7:45am - leave with James for surgery
8:00am - James's surgery postponed due to surgeon being in a meeting, return to NICU
8:15am - take Maisie to waiting room with Grandparents while Jimmy and I meet with Surgeon
8:30am - James goes in for surgery
9:30am - diaper & bottle
10:45am - James is out of surgery and it is a success
11:15am - Jimmy and I visit James while Maisie cuddles with Grandparents
12:45pm - Leave PSL
1:30pm - bottle & diaper
2:30pm - Apria Pulse Oximeter Test (passed with flying colors!)
3:30pm - Leave for 1st Pediatrician appointment
4:00-5:00pm - Visit with Dr. Jim
5:30pm - bottle and diaper
6:00pm - Apria Oxygen delivery
6:30pm - group nap
8:00pm - call James
8:10pm - call Grandpa Doug and wish Happy Birthday
9:30pm - bottle & diaper

Today we have nothing on the schedule except for eating, diaper changes, bathing, and visiting baby James. It's a welcome relief.

James is doing well following his surgery in which they reconnected his intestines, examined his bowels, repaired three hernias and performed a circumcision. He is on lower vent settings now then he was just prior to the surgery. We are determined for a positive outcome for James, as he is such a strong little dragon who has been through so much already. Keep sending your well wishes his way!

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