Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two kilo cupcake

Maisie hit the two kilo mark last night! She weighs 4lb 8oz. We are super proud of our little dragon. She is doing very well on bottle feeding, and they are talking about changing her feeds to every four hours. We are just another step closer to going home. Now, if we could only get her off the high flow oxygen again...

James was doing great on the SiPAP until 3pm, when his airway became swollen and he was struggling to breathe. To make a long story short, he is back in the Level III NICU and back on the ventilator. We aren't sure what the next step is, but we know James is in good hands. He did great for several days off the vent, and hopefully this is an indication of more success to come.

I love shopping at Kohl's or King Soopers, when at the end of your receipt you get a print out that says "You saved $29.89 off your total purchase today for using your <insert store loyalty card>". I have been keeping tabs on our health insurance site, and so far they've managed to save us nearly $700,000 off the cost of services for these little dragons. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: thank goodness for insurance. We are so thankful that my employer, Leisure Care, kept my job past what was legally required by the Family Medical Leave Act so that we were able to maintain our amazing insurance benefits.

We have been fortunate to only have to pay a portion of our share of the expenses ($3,400 out the the $16,000+) relating to this situation, which is my out of pocket maximum. The rest will be covered by Medicaid due to the little dragon's low birth weight. It's still a lot of money, especially considering we've been living on one income for most of the year - but had we been without insurance we would definitely be in the poor house.

By the time the babies get home, I'm guessing they'll be million dollar dragons.

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