Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've got a reputation

Yesterday James was settling into his new room in the Graduate nursery. He had weaned on his oxygen and was having a great day. Dr Hawkeye is his doctor again, and he wasn't quite sure if James was ready for a bottle.

There's this saying around the NICU- "Never trust a preemie". With James, they just don't know what to do with him. Dr Hawkeye told me yesterday that he is in disbelief that Jimmy James Thrasher, as he now calls him, even made it to 14 weeks and survived the first night. But we knew he would- James has been proving statistics and doctors wrong since March 14th when his water broke at 12 weeks.

After Dr Hawkeye tapped his VAD (Ventricular Access Device) for excess fluid, he gave us the go ahead to try a bottle. He said it could go one of two ways- up or down. We knew James would do amazing and that's why we had been advocating for this. On the other hand, most everyone in the NICU believed that James would have trouble swallowing after being ventilated for 13 weeks. They believed he would have an oral aversion and might need a G-Tube before going home.

James and I sat down with the Developmental Therapist and got to work. He had his whole feed plus some in the bottle, a total of 53 cc's.

James guzzled that sucker down like there was no tomorrow. He finished it with a level 1 nipple in 20 minutes. He did an amazing job. And this proud dragon mommy took the photos down to the Level 3 NICU to brag to Dr Hawkeye and the rest of the naysayers, who were all very impressed and proud of James.

We are another step closer to coming home.

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