Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stats version 2.0

•Days since pPROM: 211
•Days since delivery: 107
•Total days Maisie was in NICU: 83
•Total days James has been in NICU: 107 and counting
•Our goal: James to join Maisie at home by Halloween so they can be Chipotle Burritos (and we can get a free dinner)
•# of extubations: I've lost count
•# of blood transfusions: I've lost count
•# of surgeries: 7 (one for Maisie, six for James, and he has one more next week)
•Total billed to Premera Blue Cross: $1.6 million
•Total paid by Premera as of 10/12/12: $362,000
•Total paid by our family: $3400, my out of pocket maximum (thank you Premera and Medicaid!)
•Current cost of one month's supply of Similac Neosure for Maisie: $125
•Projected cost of Neosure for Maisie and James: $300-$400 per month
•Number of hours Maisie sleeps at night: 5-7 hours
•Number of real baths James has had in his lifetime: zero
•Maisie has: dark hair, blue eyes, olive skin
•James has: red hair, brown eyes, pale skin

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