Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surgery #7

At 10am James went into surgery at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at PSL for a VP shunt conversion and possible hernia repair. Luckily the entire operation went smoothly and they were able to do both things without issue. The general surgeon repaired a large hernia along with some of the abdominal wall that had been compromised from his reanostomosis.

Shortly after surgery he extubated and was back to his feisty self, though he was extremely hungry. James visited with the Grandparents and sister Maisie, then was graduated to the 7th floor. Though he lost his window spot in his old room, we don't plan on James being there long.

Maisie slept most of the day while we waited for James to go into and get out of surgery. She was an awesome little dragon. The highlight of her day was going to rounds with the doctors. Maisie absolutely loved the attention she received from all of her friends in level III, and she finally got to participate in rounds like James had been doing weeks ago. The staff all commented on her calm demeanor, her big blue eyes, her smile, and of course her very cute tongue.

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