Thursday, October 18, 2012


James hasn't been "tapped" since Sunday. His head size and hydrocephalus or ventriculomegaly is stable as of now and so we are not currently looking at a shunt. We are so thankful for James's progress in this respect, and we hope his good fortune continues.

Today James got a bath with the help of Grandpa Doug and weaned down to low flow oxygen. He's currently on 1/8th of a liter and is sat'ing high, so he may go lower. The words "James" and "discharge" have been said in a sentence on more than one occasion by more than one doctor. It may be sooner than later, mainly depending on the weaning of oxygen and the continued stability of James's head.

Meanwhile, James is just sitting tight at 6lb 6.5oz. He's bored silly and can't wait to break free from jail PSL to join Maisie at home. Luckily he has a great view from his room!

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