Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wild ones

We've had two successful nights and days at home. It's a bit crazier than we imagined, but only because we didn't have any expectations of how it would be.

When Maisie came home it was a piece of cake. It took her a bit to get things figured out, like how to scream like a banshee for our attention and that she could sleep all night. Maisie loves to sleep. But aside from that, it really didn't take Maisie long to find her own rhythm and she was very calm for the most part. And since then, every time we have visited James she has slept and been the model baby the entire time.

Fast forward to when James came home. Our four month old former resident of the NICU at PSL is used to noise, lights, dinging, and chaos. He's had a strict routine: every four hours they stick a thermometer under his armpit, change his diaper (several times) and feed him. He is like clockwork still. We just pulled him out of the only world he's ever known.

So, what have the past two days been like, do you ask? The little dragons work as a team: crying, fussing, demanding attention and food, and more. Their squeals and squawks are like a well choreographed chorus. They are jealous of one another and curious.

It's been an exhausting, sleep deprived, piano play mat sharing, classical guitar station on Pandora couple of days. We are thankful that we "borrowed" Freddy the Frog aka James's cuddly from the NICU because none of us would be getting any sleep whatsoever.

We had our appointments with Dr Jim yesterday and today and the little dragons are doing great. Maisie weighs 7lbs 8oz and James 6lbs 11oz. We definitely found a great doctor over at Greenwood Pediatrics. Today they gave us a ton of Similac Neosure that was to expire in a few months - saving us hundreds of dollars in feeding costs for the babies. We are so thankful.

In other news, we are getting dangerously close to our 2 million dollar cap on our insurance. We will see when the final bill for James comes in for PSL. This could be very bad news for the rest of 2012 if it happens. Luckily we aren't far away from 2013.

On a totally different note, we have 11,500+ views for this blog! This is entirely from word of mouth. We have had readers in 15+ different countries since June! Thanks to everyone who keeps up with the little dragons and wishes them well.

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