Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A week in the life

This week has been incredibly busy. We've been trying to get the little dragons on a schedule before I go back to work next week, along with taking care of necessary doctors appointments for James. It's been more than a full time job and I am pretty exhausted. Luckily my mom and Jimmy have been helping out.

Here's a glimpse into what our week has been like:
•James has had appointments with the neurosurgeon, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, and pediatrician.
•Both babies had their Early Intervention evaluation and plan written for services for the next six months to help with their development due to their premature birth.
•Worked with Apria to get smaller B oxygen tanks for appointments and traveling around town.
•To give an idea of just how cumbersome the little dragons' gear can be: the current D oxygen tanks weigh 8 lbs. Add that to the 7.5-8 lbs each baby weighs, plus the car seats (15.3 lbs each), plus the double stroller (38 lbs). Babies plus gear equals out to be 100 pounds, not including the diaper bag. That's a lot of lifting, pushing, pulling, loading and unloading, etc. I'm definitely feeling the effects of our journeys out this week.
•We took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and went on a few walks.
•The little dragons are growing like weeds! James weighs 7lbs 5oz and is 19.25 inches long. He grew an inch in the week since he's been home. Maisie weighs over 8lbs and is over 20.25 inches long.
•We voted, worked on insurance stuff, updated providers about the babies Medicaid and tried to work on thank you cards.
•The little dragons are eating 90-100 cc's (3.5 oz) per bottle, 6 bottles each per day and a total of 84 bottles a week with 8400 cc's or 294 oz of formula. This equates to a can of Similac Neosure every two days a cost of $16.50 per can. Per month this is roughly $250. Luckily we've had donations from the doctor and we've found a great discount supplier on eBay to save some money. Hopefully it will continue as the little dragons continue to eat more and more.
•Diapers: we typically go through 84-96 diapers in a week. Phew!
•Laundry in a week: three full loads for the babies. May be more or less depending on excrement / spit up episodes. Shout is our new best friend!
•Maisie is sleeping 6-8 hours a night and James is sleeping 5 hours.
•Maisie's favorite things: Daddy, bath time, sleeping, tummy time, squishy pillows, stretching, being wild.
•James's favorite things: Mommy, eating, his cuddly, his snuggly, Pandora music, conducting, a fresh clean dry diaper, and play time with Maisie.

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