Monday, November 26, 2012

Five months old

The little dragons are five months old. Their NICU days are fast becoming a distant memory, but we are so thankful for the technology and people who allowed us to bring home two healthy babies.

By now they've both rolled over many times but currently find gnawing on their hands much more interesting. They love to talk, click, and coo. Of course Maisie is the chatterbox of the two but James gets his fair share in too. Cuddling is enjoyable, but recently they've been antsy for twin time or moving/grooving on the floor or the piano play mat.

They are fiercely independent and yet very loyal and loving with one another. The babies are so different; they have distinct personalities that started way back in the NICU, and some traits that were evident even before birth... For example, Maisie has always been a night owl and James an early bird. They would be perfect angels during the day while in the womb as grandma watched me on bed rest but went nuts when Jimmy got home from work. Now, the pattern is the same. Our nights can be chaotic until we all find time for sleep. Luckily James is closer and closer to sleeping through the night which means more sleeping for Mommy! Maisie, on the other hand, would sleep all day if given the chance.

Each day we are learning something new. It's simply fascinating to watch these little dragons grow and develop. We are excited for what's to come!

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