Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our first Halloween

The little dragons had a big day for their first Halloween. They were little pumpkins (sorry, no dragon costumes to be found at Build A Bear) and they had many trick or treaters come to the house. They wore Halloween outfits - though Maisie got through the whole day in one and James went through the other three. We still plan on dressing them up as Chipotle burritos at some point, but it will be a little later.

But, the more important news was that all of the Grandparents got to hold both of the little dragons together! It was a moment that none of them will forget soon.

Maisie has been working on her tummy time skills and has been doing a fantastic job. Yesterday she was moving and grooving and suddenly, she flipped from her tummy to her back. We'll take it as Maisie's first official roll! She was so thrilled with herself and wanted to do it again but couldn't quite figure it out.

James is eating up a storm and has quickly outpaced Maisie on the caloric intake side. He easily downs 100 cc's or 3.5 oz's of formula in a sitting. Whatever Maisie does, he is quick to follow. For example: Maisie learned to take her oxygen entirely off her face, then James did. Now they are having an ongoing "pull your oxygen off" competition. Maisie started rolling to the side, and so did James. I don't think he will be far behind.

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