Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twin time

The little dragons love twin time. That's when they get to hang out together and play, sleep, or do whatever strikes them at that very moment.

I could watch them for hours; their behaviors and socialization is just fascinating. Maisie is definitely the on-demand wild child - she's fun and playful yet demanding and in charge. James is sweet, curious, compassionate, and empathetic.

Maisie loves to touch James's face, his hair, and pull out his oxygen. During twin time she has to have a hand on James at all times. James, meanwhile, loves to watch and observe, and is learning the tricks of the trade from Maisie. He's learning to "talk" or coo but it still sounds like a whimper or light cry. They pick up traits and skills from each other. A few days ago, they both started an infatuation with licking and trying to find their thumbs.

One of the things that happens is what I like to call the perfect storm- when the babies both need something at exactly the same time. Usually my rule of thumb is to deal with the most serious situation first, like who is throwing up or who is screaming for food. Often these situations occur at the same time, and I've come up with a pretty good system of handling the perfect storm.

For example: eating. The little dragons love to eat together. It saves me a lot of time but it is hard work. When the loudest baby starts screaming, they will get their counterpart to chime in. That's my signal to get the bottles poured and warming. Then, I change Maisie's diaper and position the babies slightly pancake style on the boppy pillow. I double-bib James because he's a drooler and we get started. When one baby needs to burp, they are patient and wait to start eating. Mostly they just stare at one another and enjoy the close company. When they are done, it's time for James's diaper and food coma.

Last night after eating the babies were wild so Jimmy stuck them in the boppy and they were calmed right away. Maisie was happy yet a bit wild and flailing as usual, but James fell fast asleep. We couldn't help but think that this was how the babies were in the womb; Maisie free to move and punch and kick, and James constrained in his waterless sack. You can see that they love being together and know one another. It was priceless to see James's arms around Maisie, and her sweet smile as she tried to wriggle her arms around so she could a) find her thumb and b) touch James's hair.

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