Wednesday, December 26, 2012

6 months old

Yesterday was Christmas and we had such a busy day. The little dragons had presents to open, lots of visitors drop by, and of course, gifts from Santa. Overall we feel very loved - the sheer generosity and graciousness of our families was so prevalent this Christmas, our first with Maisie and James.

We received gifts of dressy outfits and did baby modeling for a bit yesterday also. Although we couldn't go out to show them off, we figured we'd better do something constructive with them. What better way to celebrate six month birthdays than capturing the silly, smiley, happy and serious faces of the little dragons?

Jimmy and I have thousands of pictures of the babies on our iPhones. We are getting pretty good at capturing their looks and have to be resourceful due to our limited discretionary means and doctor's restrictions. Therefore, we had a pretty good set up yesterday for the photo shoot: four outfits, two holiday tablecloths, water and hairbrush, headband, two iPhone cameras, lighting, diapers, wipes... Everything was in place.

The babies were in between meals of banana brown rice cereal (yummm!!!) and their lunch bottles. We did not want to risk spit up on these great outfits. Halfway through, Maisie was so hungry that if her red dress were edible it would have been devoured. We took a lunch break and the babies rested before their next outfit. Luckily we did not have any spit up in the second half.

Everyone was cooperative and the biggest fuss we had was when Maisie got overheated in her winter fuzzy jacket that came with the second dress. It was adorable but had to come off after only a minute because she was miserable. Maisie is definitely her father's daughter! We also had a pants fiasco with James's suit. Because we have twins we have plenty of clothes floating around; the best matching item went on James and we proceeded to take photos. We only subjected poor James to Maisie's skinny black jeans with the bum ruffles for a few photos and then Jimmy couldn't stand it any longer. James did the rest of the first shoot sans pants - everyone was much happier if you can imagine.

Just another day in the lives of our little dragons. Happy six months, babies!

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