Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Little Dragons

The little dragons know all about Santa thanks to a book from their Great Aunt Joanna called "Where's Santa?". It has been a favorite these past few weeks.

Last night while we were relaxing, Jimmy was watching the Santa tracker on the iPhone. When it appeared that Santa was only a few thousand miles east of here and on his way, we told the babies that they needed to get to bed before Santa came. James finished his whole bottle in a matter of minutes and started fussing until we took him upstairs.

Every time we mentioned Santa coming, James would giggle and laugh, smile and coo. He knows all about Santa. Every time we delayed in putting the little dragons into their Christmas onesies or got held up in the bedtime routine, James would start fussing and crying instantly. It was like he was so worried about being in bed and ready for Santa to come. As soon as he was tucked in and wearing the proper outfit, James was giggling and smiling up a storm. Maisie was wide eyed and expectant. It was absolutely a night we will never forget!

Today we will spend the day at home in baby quarantine. Our families are coming by in shifts so we don't feel too remote from the festivities. We've received gifts from near and far for the little dragons, from family and friends and of course from Santa. We are so thankful for these precious moments we have with our sweet babies. Tomorrow they hit a big milestone: six months old! We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.

We hope your holidays are as joyous and happy as possible. Thank you for sharing in our journey. With love, Erin, Jimmy, Maisie, and James

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