Saturday, December 15, 2012


Friday was a big day. We went to Greenwood Pediatrics for the Dtap shot, then headed over to see our amazing friends at the Swedish Perinatal Center, and we broke out the Baby Bullet.

The Baby Bullet is a food processor kit specifically designed for baby food. Everything is there to make and store your own baby food. As both of the little dragons seem to be having teeth coming in and are biting up a storm, we decided to try some homemade banana baby food on a spoon.

The baby bullet obliterated the "nanners" in a few seconds, and I separated the batch out into the storage cups and brought a tiny bit to Maisie to try first.

She loves nanners! However, Maisie's tongue is still getting in the way. She was curious though, got her hands involved and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the new taste. She got some down and licked the rest off her face.

When it was James's turn for nanners he blew the competition out of the water and was great eating off the spoon and swallowing. He's not so sure about the flavor though - maybe it reminds him of the medicine they gave to prevent thrush in the NICU. Anyhow, James finished his tablespoon and took a great nap afterwards.

PS - for those of you who know me - I detest bananas, especially the smell, and this whole experience was a stretch. It was the first time I'd ever purchased or peeled a banana. But I'm happy to say it was a success!

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