Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nom nom nom

Maisie is teething. Because of her macroglossia or congenitally enlarged tongue, it's difficult for her to use traditional teething rings and toys. However, she loves to chew on any part of human flesh she can get her gums on.

It might be James's face or hand, Jimmy's arm or finger - these are all Maisie's teething toys of choice.

James is incredibly patient with the whole thing and often offers his hand to Maisie for a little snack. I hope he continues to be so generous when that little tooth bud comes through.

At night lately Maisie has been a monster and she knows it. She turns into baby banshee and nothing satisfies her. Luckily she's still sleeping through the night, give or take a few nightmares here and there.

I genuinely hope Maisie can continue teething and eating with this tongue situation. We'll see what Dr. Jim has to say at our next appointment.

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