Friday, January 18, 2013

Checking in with Dr Jim

The little dragons had their six month check up today. Because Dr Jim is so busy, we are a little closer to seven months but that's okay.

The babies went in with an agenda: to get rid of their oxygen. They had been chewing on their cannulas, blowing bubbles, and doing everything possible to prove that they don't need their O's. In the room air test, the babies stayed saturated in the 90's for over an hour without oxygen and Dr Jim was very proud of them.

We have plans to try weaning them off the next few days and then we may try an overnight pulse ox test with Apria next week if things go well. So, we will be without our baby anchors next week? Our expectations are minimal, but to us it means the babies are making solid progress respiratory wise. That's great news for two 27 weekers, especially one who was ventilated for 13 weeks and wasn't supposed to have lungs.

Otherwise, things are going well. Dr Jim would like to see the babies grow more but they are on the curve and still not on any kind of percentile for their actual age.

Maisie: 11lbs 4oz, 22.5 inches long
James: 10lbs 2oz, 22 inches long

For being three months adjusted / six months actual they are doing awesome and above expectations. In preemie land, babies have two ages: actual and adjusted (when they were born and when they should have been born). Subsequently it makes tracking milestones and other things a little difficult but the little dragons are ahead in some areas or at actual age, and behind in others - but still ahead of adjusted age. Therefore, development wise they are doing better than three month olds.

Just for fun, here are some comparison photos of the little dragons at 4, 5, and 6 months.

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