Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye, 2012!

The little dragons are ringing in the new year in style in their fleece footie pajamas. We don't really do the resolution thing around here - just ask my parents about resolving to get my own Safeway or King Soopers card and they'll tell you it worked out really well last year. I can make excuses all day as to why it still hasn't happened but the main thing is, we were pretty busy.

We are determined, however, and it's what keeps us moving forward. Here's what we are determined to do in 2013:

1. Stay healthy all around. This is a tough flu season with record hospitalizations in our state. We don't want to add to that tally. Additionally, we want our loved ones to stay healthy as well and do what they need to in order to maintain their health.

2. Give back. We had a lot of love and support this last year and will do whatever we can to return the favor. I'm starting out tomorrow by donating blood to the PSL blood bank that helped our little dragons so much this past year. They rely on donations and are not affiliated with the other major blood banks in the area except to buy supply when they are low. Preemie babies are some of the main recipients. Additionally, we will look for ways to pay it forward, whether it be helping other families going through the NICU or pProm, or other projects to be determined.

3. Maintain balance. We spent 2012 on the point of a knife. It was the most exhausting, monumental, suspenseful, joyous, emotional, heart wrenching year we've had. We don't quite know what normal is like yet. Luckily a few things are in place: the babies are sleeping 12 hours and are eating well, we both have great jobs that are super flexible and understanding, and we have amazing families that help care for the babies. We are working to maintain our lives in a good balance so we don't lose our sanity, and so we can truly appreciate every thing we have and the opportunities we've been given.

It's crazy how much can change in just one year. From our family to yours, have a healthy and prosperous 2013.
~Erin, Jimmy, Maisie and James.

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