Thursday, January 10, 2013

Return of the Banshee

Maisie has found her tongue and is doing two things simultaneously: trying to pull it out of her mouth and screaming loud enough for Jimmy to hear her at band practice.

Luckily James is so patient and calm; he's just giggling and kicking and enjoying eating his puréed nanners.

The little dragons are learning new things every minute. They are so incredibly fun and entertaining right now. It's unpredictable and very enjoyable to be around them. Here's a bit of an update on their favorite things.

Maisie: her Lambie, winkel, tag blanket and Violet toys, standing up, talking, screaming, the Christmas tree, her Mohawk, nanners, the boppy, being upside down, punk, metal & celtic music, sleeping, Daddy, kicking off socks, throwing up, and playing with James.

James: his Puppy, Jingle, winkel, and Scout toys, his snuggly, laughing and talking, smile breaks, eating anything off a spoon - especially sweet potatoes, the piano play mat, the Christmas tree, classical, guitar & celtic music, hanging upside down, Roll & Dive Bomb, sitting, kicking off socks, getting up early, bath time, and playing with Maisie.

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