Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seven months old

Time flies! I can't believe these little dragons are seven months old already. They are growing and changing so fast.

We are all mostly recovered from the flu though James got a minor case of pink eye from the Tamiflu. It's already going away and otherwise he seems fine.

They've been doing great on the O Challenge. Currently they are at eight hours off oxygen during the day and have been doing fantastic. The little dragons love being off their O's and throw fits when we put them back on. Often times overnight I'll go check on them and they will have pulled their cannulas out, so hopefully this upcoming week we will do the overnight test with Apria.

On the food front the little dragons have been eating very well. James definitely lives for solid foods and has been downing two plus baby bullet servings a day. He is a growing boy who seems to be desperate to catch up with his sister. Maisie is not as interested in the solid foods but she does what she can. Her macroglossia or enlarged tongue still is an issue but we are learning to get around it.

From a development standpoint Maisie is about a month ahead of James. She's standing with help, nearly sitting without support, and she has great tone during tummy time. James has a couple of strikes against him, primarily being a boy (they tend to do things at a slower pace) and his prematurity issues (acquired hydrocephalus due to IVH, several abdominal surgeries, and finally lots of swaddling in the NICU to prevent him from extubating himself). The uphill battle doesn't seem to stop James as he is standing longer and longer these days, sitting well with help, and working on his core strength and flexibility through therapies and exercises. Nonetheless, the babies are advanced for their four month adjusted age and on target for some of their actual age markers. So, perfect for preemies!

For fun, here's what the babies are most interested in right now. There are two videos. One is Maisie growling (she is definitely a little dragon - no doubt about it!), and the other is James trying to devour his froggy. Enjoy!

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