Sunday, January 6, 2013


It's inevitable. The holidays are over and at some point we will have to address the mountain of toys under the Christmas Tree, or the toy-splosion as I lovingly call it. We'll also have to take down the Christmas tree which will be sad because the little dragons love looking at the lights.

We are so fortunate to have loving friends and family in our lives who were so generous and gave these babies the most wonderful Christmas. They'll be enjoying it for quite some time. For the moment, nothing is more fun than their hands (and each other's hands), pulling off O's (oxygen), and using their sibling's O's as leverage to pull themselves around and upside down.

This week we were busy towards the end of the week. Thursday we took family photos with our friend Kelly Lemon Vizcaino, who is the sister of our primary nurse J in the NICU. She and her husband met the babies back when James had his reanastomosis surgery and were about to head off to Ghana for a two year work commitment. Kelly is an amazing photographer and we can't wait to see the results of the photo shoot. We only with nurse J could have been here to see it!

Saturday we did our monthly Synagis shots and they went pretty well. Because it was so cold out, we dressed the little dragons in their adorable new hats - a Christmas gift from Auntie Ca and family in Washington. They loved them. The shots - not so much. The babies did get weighed and they are:

Maisie- 10lbs 11oz
James- 9lbs 10oz

James is on track for gestational age, but Maisie hasn't gained as much weight as we would like. She loves to talk and giggle and stand up with help, and we think that she's just too distracted sometimes. So, this girl will be eating a lot of avocado in the next few weeks so we don't get on Dr Jim's naughty list!

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