Monday, January 21, 2013

We're happy campers!

We love this O Challenge!

Look at our photos below- can you tell what's different? Maisie was busy blowing bubbles with her cannula so we set her free during yesterday's O Challenge. The little dragons are making progress. We aren't sure how far they'll go, but so far so good.

While the babies are in challenge mode we are going to ask for help with our upcoming event. We know April seems really far away, but we need to raise $626 for the March for Babies. So far we've only had one donation - thanks Madame Lipowitz!

We also need team members to walk with us and help raise money. So far it's just Mommy dragon, little dragons, and grandma dragon! Come join us, it will be a blast!

Team LittleDragons @ March for Babies Denver

In other news, I've managed to avoid the rough upper respiratory bug going around at work. That is, until this past weekend. It doesn't seem to be too severe for me but I can't take chances with the babies. So, we decided to make the move from basinettes to crib this weekend to better protect them from whatever I have.

We also wanted to make this move before they start realizing that we aren't in the same room. Luckily, the room transition went flawlessly and they seem to enjoy their cribs and the space they have to move around. We've found the babies in way different places and positions than we've left them the past few nights, that's for sure. We are still using their Snuza monitors and have added a Philips Avent DECT audio monitor that is amazing and makes it sound like the little dragons are right beside us.

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