Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eight months old

The little dragons are eight months (and two days) old.

It's hard to compare twins. They each do things at their own pace, and figure things out by experimentation and watching others. Sometimes they are very interested in each other and sometimes they are anti-social. Most of the time, however, they are obsessed with touching each other and would be content having a hand on one another at all times if they could. Maisie especially likes to keep a protective arm across James's chest.

I'll outline the things they do best right now from a skills perspective. I will only award one twin a skill in each category below. It could change at any moment but its pretty fascinating to see.

Maisie: standing, tummy time, holding toys, passing from hand to hand, raspberries, screaming/screeching/howling/growling.

James: sitting unsupported at his piano mat, rolling, talking (bub-bub, gug-gug), holding conversations, eating, bath time.

The best part about twins? They love each other and they have one another to play with, learn from, and be challenged by.

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