Monday, February 18, 2013

Incredible friends

Today we had another appointment down at PSL. We met up with several of our old friends, though we missed a few heavy hitters (we're talking to you, Nurse M and Nurse H!). Maybe the stars will align and we will run into them at some point.

We got to see so many good friends and the babies were able to cuddle and socialize with their former nurses. Two highlights of course were seeing the lovely Nurse J and our favorite doctor, Dr Hanson (aka Dr Hawkeye).

Dr Hanson and our primaries took exceptional care of our babies - especially James, given his predispositions. They always believed in them and never gave up. Our little dragons are here and thriving because of the monumental efforts of these incredible people. We will forever be indebted to them for all of their hard work and dedication, taking care of our little dirtball/cupcake babies day in and day out for 124 and 83 days in 2012.

When James came down to PSL on the overnight shift of June 26th, no one really knew what kind of a ride we were in for. We've set a lot of records and made many waves in that NICU. We are thankful that it was Dr Hanson that took James in that night, essentially saving his life and ensuring he had the tools to move forward though it was an uphill battle every single moment. Ten days later, when we were told over and over again to let James go, Dr Hanson came in and saved the day again.

The grief of our situation is still fresh but we celebrate our journey, especially what we have overcome and the people who helped us get there.

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