Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's a big world out there

The little dragons don't go anywhere except doctors appointments. In fact, they are so stationary that I was just contemplating the practicality of having a diaper bag the other day. We barely use it and it just takes up living space... but I digress.

Yesterday we loaded up the car and took the babies down to PSL to meet with some old friends. Our appointment was James's three month follow up with the neurosurgeon.

The babies, especially James, were fascinated by the office. There were lions and tigers on the walls and lots of exotic jungle d├ęcor to take in. Seeing as how it's winter and RSV season this may be the closest to the zoo we get. Outside, looking west towards the city center there was a giant crane working on the new St Joseph's hospital. James couldn't keep his eyes off it! It was very similar to James's view from the 7th floor graduate NICU.

Luckily for James he impressed the brain surgeon so much we don't have to go back for another three months.

Maisie, on the other hand, tested my theory of not needing a diaper bag. She projectile vomited all over herself, me, and the office. Of course we didn't have an extra set of clothes in that huge bag - we never go anywhere! Why on earth would we do such a thing? Lesson learned.

On our way out, we took our smelly selves to the NICU to say hello to our old friends. They were extremely impressed with Maisie and James and could not get over how adorable they both were! Equally impressive was the fact that they were off of O's. Dr Irish K and Dr Z were there and both said they looked fantastic. It was definitely a compliment because I know how much trouble everyone went to in order to get us two healthy babies. They had to put up with a lot from us and them. We'll be back next week to meet up with nurse J and a few of our other favorites after another appointment.

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  1. Great photos of James and his interest in his surroundings and all that is happening around him.
    I love his choice of hats.
    James has come a long way and we're sure proud of him. His courage has to be commended.
    James, I bet you have generated lots of hope, well being and encouragement for preemie parents all over.
    James, Best Wishes, we love you very much.